The best cookware that won’t break your bank this 2016

Looking for a great set of cookware can be tough especially if you are a beginner cook. If you are a fan of cooking, but would not want to break the bank for good cookware, then one of the best cookware 2016 would be the T-fal E918SC Cookware set. At $108.39 as retail price, you would definitely get your money’s worth on this set.
One of the stellar functions of these babies is that they come with heat indicator which signals the cook when the pan is already preheated. At normal temperatures, you’d have to take a closer look at the indicator, but at very high temperatures, they show clearly. Another thing I love about this cookware set is that it is indeed speaks true about its durable and non-stick surface. You can use metal utensils with this pan. Not even my mightiest fork can scratch through it.

It’s also dishwasher safe, so if you would rather not hand wash the pans after a tiresome cooking session then you could just put them in the dishwasher and not have to worry about it being damaged. This cookware set heats pretty well, in fact, I don’t really get over burning with it. It’s also oven safe for up to 350 degrees. It comes with an anti-warp base so you wouldn’t have to worry about your pans warping. It also aids in heat distribution to give you the best results when you cook.

The handles are riveted silicone and you would never have to worry about your handles heating up. In addition, they’re also very comfortable to hold and quite easy to clean. On the overall, with its durability and all the additional special features, there is no doubt that the T-fal E918SC is one of the best cookware sets around!

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